Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1:11 AM.

I got tricked.

I was watching LOST—damn fine show, but I can't help but feel it took them a couple episodes too long to get the band back together, so to speak—and when that ended I started looking for something else on TV. I hit the guide button and scrolled through the channels and I saw that The Da Vinci Code was starting in 45 minutes. I'd only seen it one time, and was kind of bored by it, but I figured I'd give it another shot.

I killed time by going through a bunch of old photos and flyers to try and get back up to speed on the tour diary I started way back in 2004. I'm about halfway through the 2005 entries, but still a long, long way away from finishing. Hopefully I'll keep up the pace I'm at now. I'm trying to get through one entry a day (at least) if not more. I did go back through and add pictures and flyers to all the old entries to make them a little bit more enticing. After doing stuff for GCA for so long, I've got the blogger thing down pretty good. It was much harder to add pictures and video when I first started it a long time ago. But now that I have a scanner, constant internet access and only 1 job, I figured I had no choice but to finally get on it. So head over and check it out. I think there's probably only 6 people that read this site, and probably only 3 will head over, but you should. I tell good stories.

And now back to my original story.

After I did that for a bit, I looked at the clock and remembered that The Da Vinci Code started 15 minutes ago. I turned off the internet, grabbed the remote and settled in to watch it. I changed the channel, and the first thing that popped onscreen was three broads with no clothes on jogging around some yard, while a guy with a sweet goatee made witty comments laced with sexual innuendo.
I didn't remember that scene from the first time I watched it, so I hit the Info button. The movie that was on was The Da Vinci Coed, softcore porn that couldn't be all that old, but looked like it was straight out of the late 90's.

I'm not going to lie, I watched for a few minutes. But I got bored with that pretty quick too, so if they were trying to channel the real movie, I guess they did a pretty good job.

And now, because why not?

Harley Quinn and Gwen Stacy

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