Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today was not an adventure—far from one in fact. The majority of my day—as is the case every Tuesday until May—was spent in the Chronicle office editing and writing articles for Red Pulse.

I need to hire a couple more people to take the load off me a little bit. I enjoy writing, but each week I end up writing three or four pieces and by the end of the day I am creatively drained. And that's not good because it leaves very little time for writing on my own accord.

There's so much that I want/need to write that isn't connected with the magazine, but I just can't find the energy to do it.

I need to write 60 pages of a screenplay for one class.
I need to write a 5 or 6 page story for another.
I need to get cracking on the Grudge City comic.

There's more, but none of them are as important as these.

And of course, instead of doing any of this I'm writing on a blog that no one reads.

That's okay. Eventually there will be adventurous tales to tell.

And eventually one of them will involve me shaving my beard. Look at it. Jesus.


  1. Four things:

    1. You posted at 11:11.
    2. I read your journal
    3. If you can "hire" me to help write for RedPulse I am definitely interested
    4. I concur with you on the "need to get cracking on the Grudge City comic" thing.

  2. that beard face of yours looks pretty fantastic