Monday, November 30, 2009


Anyone see these pictures? I got them from Block U.

That's Jamie and Kylie Wittingham (U of U football coach Kyle Wittingham's wife and daughter, respectively) leaving the game at LaVell Edwards Stadium a few days ago.
The guy in the BYU hoodie elbowed Jamie in the mouth and told her to "shut up" afterwards. See Kylie running away screaming? Good work, Cougar fans.

Maybe Max Hall's family did get treated like shit last year—which is unacceptable and a bummer. And maybe he did get made fun of on the internet for an entire season. But to go on record and call everyone at the U of U "classless" while your idiot fans are doing the same thing is just absurd.

Don't pretend BYU fans are above it. Obviously they are not.

Probably still have more class, though. I think God said so.

And one more thing...

I dislike him even more now that he's apologized. At least have the guts to stick by what you say.

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