Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Cheesy, self-important title, I know.

I'm a sucker for Retro and Retro-style art. I have numerous books full of old pulp and sci-fi magazine covers and a calendar of the same. Every time I go to a used bookstore, thrift store or antique shop, I always seek out the old paperback section and pick one out solely based on the cover artwork.

And one of the things that I love about Disneyland is all the old, retro posters they have hanging all over the park. If someone were to put out a nice, big coffee table book of all of these posters (or if they do and you know where I can find it—because I've looked all over the place—let me know) they'd make a killing and I'd be thrilled.

I also want to have a whole bunch of these framed and on display in my house. But first I need to get a house. Baby steps.

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