Tuesday, January 5, 2010


And it's all the same.

Old News Records is closing up shop (that's the bad news). It was fun to do while it lasted, but no one really buys CD's anymore. It ended up being fiscally irresponsible (sounds professional, right?) for me to spend money printing CD's and trying to sell them to people that were going to go home, upload the songs to their computer and then throw rest of it away.

I realize I only put out two albums (Tamerlane and Up River) and it may seem like I didn't really try all that hard. Truth is, I didn't.

I didn't want to put forth a whole lot of effort into promoting bands that only 7 people remember and hope that more will be willing to plunk down their hard earned money to take a chance on something they may not even like.

And with the internet, all those songs were going to end up out there for everyone to hear before I could get around to doing it, anyway. Which was the whole point in the first place.

But with this minor downside, there is a massive upside (here comes the good news).

If you weren't aware, I also run a site called Grudge City Activities. It's a hardcore news blog with a heavy focus on the history of Salt Lake City hardcore. But there's a lot of other stuff, too—show videos, a podcast, photos, polls, etc. It's a cool site, and if you haven't checked it out, do that now.

One of the things we've been doing is compiling a massive archive of Salt Lake hardcore bands and Old News Records is basically being folded into this and losing the clever name. Plus, everything in the archive is 100% free. You can't pass that up. And it's far more appealing than charging you $5 for a CD you've never heard of.

I'm going to hold off on putting the Tamerlane and Up River stuff up in the archive just yet, because I still have quite a few copies. I'll still bring them around to shows that Collapse and Tamerlane play, so if you want a physical copy, come by and pick one up.

More importantly, I'll probably take a few copies of each (and a few copies of both Cherem albums and the 7") to the new Raunch Records in Sugarhouse. If you really want one, go there to get it. That guy deserves your support more than I do, so if you haven't been by yet do it today. Or tomorrow. Or every other day you have a chance to.

So thanks everyone for checking out the ONR releases, and thanks to everyone (Candace of CandaceJean for the awesome logo that I'm definitely going to keep for nostalgic purposes, especially) that helped me out in one way or another.

But head over to the GCA Music Archive to download some awesome (and free, did I mention free?) music.

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  1. Aw Trevor. That is kind of sad news, but good news too.

    I'm happy you still like your logo and are going to keep it. And thanks for the plug!