Friday, January 22, 2010


I’m not sure that I can actually find the words to describe this movie.

It’s remarkably well crafted and the performances all feel very authentic. Director Gaspar Noe holds absolutely nothing back and will not shy away from anything he has to say. I didn’t really expect anything less, but it’s a harrowing film. Themes of life, death, sex, drugs and love are littered throughout and while there is somewhat of a linear story, it takes a backseat to the visuals. And with this movie, the visuals are everything.

But it left me emotionally, visually and mentally drained.

There were a few parts that were tough to watch, but I still couldn’t look away. After it was over, I needed to sit and let it all soak in for about half an hour.

I still don’t think I can put it in to words.

2.5/4 (Because I don't know what else to give it.)

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