Friday, January 22, 2010

SUNDANCE 2010: DAY 1 - QUICK NOTES - 1:30pm

-- You know who probably loves Sundance more than anyone? Towing companies. I’ve seen three cars towed from the Fresh Market parking lot since I got here at 10 this morning. And I’ve only managed to walk through it three times on my way to and from the theater. Between that and parking tickets, I bet there’s thousands of dollars coming in just because of people not paying attention.

And I bet that because I’ve noticed this, I’ll get back to where I parked and either find a boot on my tire or my car will be gone all together. God I hope not.

-- Since I have a press pass, my e-mail address has been given to every publicist in Park City. This is a good thing as well as a bad thing. Good because I found out that I can go to a panel with Russell Simmons next week and found out official times for the Banksy documentary right as they became available.

Bad because I get e-mails like this: “Acoustic benefit for Haiti earthquake victims at Harry O’s this afternoon, featuring Pras from the The Fugees. This invitation is for celebrities and VIP only.”

I am neither of those, but I didn’t want to go anyway. That’ll show them.


  1. trevor .. i would be GLAD to go to harry o's for the acoustic benefit for you and take some awesome pictures. hahaha..

  2. i ate dinner next to russell simmons at VP2 in new york city in 2001. we were pretty much shoulder to shoulder (but back to back). it was awesome, i listened to his entire conversation, haha :)