Sunday, January 24, 2010


Someone needs to stop Juliette Lewis from making movies. And contrary to what I may have said before, someone should stop Orlando Bloom, also.

Sympthay for Delicious tells the story of a homeless DJ Delicious Dean O'Dwyer (Christopher Thornton)  with no faith who can suddenly cure the sick. Mark Ruffalo (who also directed) plays a priest who puts him up in a hotel in exchange for healing people. But all Delicious wants to do is get back behind the turntables. He seeks out a trashy up-and-coming rock band (that needs a DJ for some reason) and is eventually given the job because the band is convinced his healing powers will boost their popularity.

Thornton does really good work here as a paralyzed man struggling with his own limitations and Ruffalo shows that he has a bright future behind the camera. But the story gets downright silly at times and whenever Lewis and Bloom appear onscreen the battle of overacting reaches great new heights.

1.5/4 (Because Thornton really does a good job and I still respect Rufallo, he just needed more help.)

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