Monday, January 25, 2010


Five movies in a single day takes a lot more out of me than I imagined it would. I barely had time to do anything more than leave my seat, walk across the parking lot to the press tent, check in and get in line for the next movie.

I did have a little break between Casino Jack and Welcome to the Rileys to buy some crackers at the Fresh Market and walk back and start my car for a minute.

See, I drive a real sweet '98 Honda Civic that, for some reason, doesn't start if it's been sitting in the cold for too long. Sometimes, if I'm in for a particularly long day of work, I'll sneak out at about the halfway point to start it up for a minute. Likewise, I have to venture out and start it up before I go to sleep or there's a good chance it might not start in the morning. The battery is fine and so is the starter (at least according to the guy at Auto Zone) and I'm afraid that if I have a real mechanic take a look, he'll open a Pandora's Box of problems that I just don't want to fix.

That's why I had to walk back to my car halfway through the day. I know you were wondering.

Anyway, I've got reviews for the last three movies I saw on Sunday going up early tomorrow. Then it's back up to Park City for a few more—including the Banksy doc Exit Through the Gift Shop, I hope. I haven't heard anyone talking about it up there, so hopefully it's not a complete train wreck. Or worse, competently done but just really, really boring.

I'd hate for that to be the case.

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