Monday, February 22, 2010


AV Club -- San Diego simply may not be large enough to hold all the Twihards and Iron Man fans out there. Comic-Con, the massive convention for all geek-friendly media, may be leaving its home base come 2012, when its contract with the San Diego Convention Center expires.

According to The New York Times ArtsBeat, Comic-Con organizers are looking to Anaheim as a potential new host, given its proximity to Hollywood and larger facilities that can accommodate some 126,000 attendees. In response, tourism officials in San Diego are launching a campaign to remind Comic-Con how much the city appreciates hosting the convention. San Diego hotels are increasing the number of rooms reserved for the convention and offering the organizers ample more meeting space, free of charge. The Comic-Con board is expected to respond to the bids from the cities of Anaheim and San Diego within the coming weeks.

Comic-Con not only brings plenty of revenue for local businesses, but has also evolved into a requisite stop for film and television studios that hope to foster a loyal fan base for their fantasy and sci-fi related projects.

Be a real bummer if this went down. I love San Diego. I do not love Anaheim. Of course, Comic Con in Anaheim would open the door for a day at Disneyland when the convention gets too crowded.

Right now you're probably thinking, "What are you, nuts? You're going to skip a crowded day at a convention center for an arguably more crowded day at Disneyland?"

You're god damn right I am. I love Disneyland.

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