Friday, April 30, 2010


Making movie trailers is probably a lot more difficult of a job than most people think. Sometimes the right trailer can make movies look far, far better than they actually are (examples: Watchmen & Terminator Salvation). And sometimes the trailers are so bad that they don't do a great movie any justice at all (examples: I know there are a few—I just can't think of them right now).

I came across the original trailer for The Empire Strikes Back the other day and started thinking about how different the trailer would be if it were made today.

Recognize that voice? That's Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, doing his best 1930s radio announcer over a bunch of quick clips.

If someone were to make a trailer for this movie today, I can only imagine there would be a lot of slow motion shots, bad radio or industrial metal and flash cuts all over the place. has a list of the best movie trailers of all time and I've got to say, that most of them I agree with. It's just weird to think about how much these things have changed over the years. But maybe that's just me.

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