Wednesday, April 21, 2010


ABC 4 - LAYTON, UT -- Who knows how many others have been sold. A mom asked ABC 4 to take action after she bought a comic book package she thought was for kids ended up having a nudity and violence inside.

“I seen the naked lady and I got mad.” Ten year old Sheldyn Conley loves comic books but knew something was wrong when he opened “The Spectre.” He says, “I just turned the page and I seen the naked ladies so I handed it to a grownup and said, ‘Look at this.’”

On the very first page are two large drawings of a naked woman. There’s more nudity throughout the comic as well as violence. Stepfather Kenny Stong says, “He's a little young to be exposed to that kind of situation or environment, what not.”

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My favorite part is the quote from the kid (which you can see in the news clip here) "I seen the naked lady and I got mad."

But the best part is that the news treats this as if it's the biggest, most damaging scandal of the past three decades. My response to that is, "this is news?"

There were literally hundreds of far more pressing stories and far more important things going on for Annie Cutler to be wasting her time talking to a Dollar Tree employee about a comic book from 1987.

Creator Jeff Parker issued this challenge on his Twitter page last night: "I want many cartoonists to match a panel to the caption of the Utah comics kid: 'I seen the naked lady and I got mad.'"

I really hope people take him up on that because that would be fantastic.

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