Wednesday, July 7, 2010


As it gets closer, I'm getting more and more bummed that I'm not going to San Diego for Comic Con this year. It's always a good time, but this year everyone had other things they wanted to do and no one really had the money to spend. That, and 4-day passes sold out months ago, far before any of us had a chance to get them.

Oh well, Peru was a great time and I've hopefully got a couple more trips coming before the end of the year. Still though, I could use a trip to the nice weather of Southern California and San Diego.

Plus, it's always fun to nerd out for a few days. And I always come back with some awesome material for videos. Like the ones below. Check them out. It'll shorten your work day by about 20 minutes. And everyone wants to shave a few minutes off their work schedule, right?



San Diego Comic Con from Grudge City Activities on Vimeo.

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