Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes, I realize that I'm something like 5 days late on this and it's old news now but I have to throw my two cents in or I wouldn't be a proper blogger.

As a Jazz fan, I really have no horse in this race that's not directly related to them (side note - good riddance to Boozer, indifferent about Korver and sad to see Matthews go) but I still love watching LeBron play.

That said, these past couple of years we've seen a part of this kid that a whole lot of people (me included) don't like. There was him storming off like a poor sport after losing to Orlando last year, his weird elbow "injury" this year and now all this free agency stuff.

Look, I'm fine with him leaving Cleveland. They expected him to do way too much with little or no help until it was almost too late. So yes, leaving the Cavs is fine but the way he did it was just... it was just a dick move.

The more I watch LeBron lately the only thing it reminds me of is when I used to watch professional wrestling when I was little. It's been like watching your favorite wrestler slowly turn from the fan favorite good guy to the universally hated heel. That's the only way I can describe it and apparently I'm not the only one.

And next year (after the Jazz have a great season but get bounced from the playoffs early) if it comes down to Miami and Los Angeles (whom I hate more than any sports team save for the Red Sox) in the Finals, I might have to root for LA.

Because I'm a hater and I want to see this blow up in everyones face.

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