Tuesday, August 31, 2010


College football starts this week. As a University of Utah student (sort of) I'll be rooting for them just like always. Aside from that, I don't have a college team that I root for. I enjoy watching some of the games, but  a lot of them I just don't care for. More than half the players at the college level just aren't very good and it can be bring to watch. Most of these people will never make the NFL, so most of the time I feel like I'm watching a lot of future personal trainers, bank tellers, high school coaches and those hoping for the revival of the XFL living a dying dream in front of tens of thousands of people.

That said, I will be paying close attention to the standings and the win/loss column for the next four months. But only because I'm more of a sports hater at heart. Here are the things I'll be "rooting" for over the course of the college football season.

- For Boise State to lose as many games as possible. Their blue turf and gimmicky plays bug the shit out of me. Mostly the blue turf, though. It brings a smile to my face every time I think of how they ditched the WAC for the Mountain West WAC.

- For Notre Dame to also lose as many as possible. Much like the Raiders and Bulls of the 90s, I hated any team it was cool to like, and Notre Dame fell right into that category. That's the only reason. That, and my friend Tom likes them. I root against the Bears and Liverpool for that reason, also.

- USC. I like Southern California and USC was kind of my team when I was younger. But this year I'll be rooting against them for one reason—Lane Kiffin. Never met the guy, but everything I've read/heard about him makes me hate him. He's the epitome of a guy that was born on third base but acted like he hit a triple.

I'm sure there are more, so I'll be sure to update this list throughout the season.

P.S. - I'm a Yankees fan, so I know all about the stones, glass house, etc. Doesn't change anything, though.

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