Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Now that all the summertime bullshit movies are done and gone, we're finally getting to the good stuff. CATFISH played at Sundance this year and I missed it. Heard nothing but good things about it, so I've been patiently waiting for it to come to Salt Lake and it finally did. Sort of.

The only theater in town that's showing it is Jordan Landing. I try to stay east of Redwood Road and north of 3300 South as much as I can, but I wanted to see this thing so bad that I broke both those rules. I also went by myself because sometimes it's damn enjoyable to see a movie on the big screen alone. It gets a bad wrap and I'm sticking up for it. Try it sometime.

One important thing I've heard about the movie since Sundance is that the less you know about it, the better it will be. That was another reason I saw it by myself. Trying to convince someone to see a movie they'd never heard of at a theater that takes half an hour to get to without being able to tell them a single thing about it was a hard sell.

I don't want to give anything away, but if you have any interest in seeing it, avoid everything about it. 20/20 spoiled it last week, so by now it's bound to be everywhere.

All I'll say is that you kind of see what's coming, but the way it plays out is one of the most fascinating things I've seen all year. The people making the documentary do the exact opposite of what you think they're going to do and it becomes 1000 times better.

Everyone that has only seen the trailer thinks its some kind of horror/suspense movie or something that bashes Facebook. It's nothing that you're expecting, but like I said once you get in and start watching, you can figure out where it's going, but the end result is not what you'd expect.

Probably my favorite documentary of the year and one of my favorite movies I've seen in 2010 too.

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