Sunday, October 31, 2010


I don't do Halloween very well. I always come up with a really, really clever costume sometime around November 3rd, spend a few minutes kicking myself and then making a point to remember it for next year.

I never do.

This year, I wanted to be Marty McFly from Back to the Future. I didn't really have any plans other than work, but everyone else was planning on dressing up so I didn't want to be the only fun hater. So last night (Saturday, the night everyone was out doing fun stuff) I spent three hours driving around town looking for an orange vest and a denim jacket. I couldn't find either of them. I figured an orange vest was going to be a bit hard to find (all I found was something similar to what a crossing guard would wear) but I couldn't even locate a denim jacket. And I was at Walmart for Christ's sake. I figured they'd have a whole section of the store dedicated to awesome denim fashion, but no.

The other problem I have with Halloween, is that I get set on one idea and that's that. I would have definitely been able to put something else together, but I was set. It was Marty McFly or bust. And as it got later and later, the whole thing began looking like more and more of a long shot. Finally, after a third (!) Walmart store let me down, I gave up.

Defeated, I went home. Didn't go looking for any parties, didn't try to find anything fun to do, just went home and read comics.

Sidenote -- I'm way awesome, by the way, if you haven't been able to figure that out from this post and the dozens of others on this blog like it.

I was able to throw something really boring together this morning, but it wasn't the same.

Luckily, my whole day was made better by the best Halloween costume of the year—Lil Ron Washington.
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Seven-year-old Liam Roybal, whose Ron Washington costume has become an Internet sensation, earned himself a trip to the World Series as a guest of the Texas Rangers.

Roybal, who lives in Keller, Texas, met the Rangers manager in the dugout prior to Game 4.
It makes me smile every time I see it. Now he gets to attend Game 4 of the World Series and even kick things off by yelling "Play Ball" at the beginning of the game.

That's how you spend Halloween.

I'll have to remember that costume for next year.

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