Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yesterday I was leaving Nordstrom Rack about 6 PM. The sun was going down and I was hurrying across the street. The sun was in my eyes a bit so I was squinting. I stepped up on the curb and walked right into a tree. One of the branches was broken and a little jagged and it scraped the side/top of my head. There were quite a few people around, so I kind of played it off like it didn't hurt, but it really did.

I got in my car and felt where the branch had hit me. When I brought my hand down, my fingertips were covered in blood. I didn't want to panic because the couple in the car next to me saw the whole thing happened and were, I think, waiting to see the damage. I played it off, started my car and drove to the Barnes and Noble so I could use the bathroom. I put my hood up before I went in the store because I didn't know how bad it was and the last thing I wanted was a store full of customers watching a guy with a bleeding head wandering through the store.

In the bathroom, there was one person in a stall, but aside from that, I was alone. I took my hood off to get a better look and it was bad. I turned on the sink and stuck my head under the same faucet that I'm sure countless homeless men have used to shower. The water pouring into the sink immediately turned pink and my head started throbbing. After I cleaned it off as best I could, I took another look. It was a good sized cut, probably about two inches long. Unfortunately, since I have thin hair and keep it shaved pretty short anyway, it was very noticeable.

So, if you happen to see me out and about with a long cut on the side of my head, I might make up a cool story that makes me sound like a bad ass. But if you know the truth. The truth is that I'm an idiot that needs to watch where I'm going.

God damn it.

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