Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I don't care much for the gross out gags that make up about half of JACKASS 3D, but the rest of it was hilarious and exactly what I expected it to be.

The 3D cameras were used perfectly and the super slow motion, high definition replays made everything better. Some of the guys looked a little worse for wear and if you that could be a little depressing if you start to think about it too much. The toll that all of these stunts have taken on their bodies is catching up to them, but they're all probably rich and don't have to worry about it too much, but it might catch up to them and end poorly.

It's a little weird to see a bunch of guys in their mid-to-late-30s doing idiotic stunts, but hey, I'm not going to complain. I'll watch them whenever they do them.

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