Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I had a plan.

My plan was to update at least once a day. Maybe the posts wouldn't be as long or as in-depth (like I do that anyway) as I'd like, but I wanted to get something up here. There aren't many people that read this (thanks to those that do) but still, I don't want to lose the ones I've got.

I know what the problem is, too. It's my job.

Now don't get me wrong, I like my job but it takes a lot out of me. Being a server requires a lot of small talk and doing that for 8 hours a day takes a toll. If I worked nights things might be different. But since I'm at work chit-chatting with people from 8 am until 3 pm, the last thing I have the energy for when I get off is telling jokes on the internet. I could write about funny things that happen to me at work, but that wouldn't be too much fun. Besides, I'm pretty sure there are literally a million server rant type blogs, and aside from that, server ranting is only funny to other servers. If you don't work at a restaurant, I doubt you actually care or find any of it funny.

If you looked at the dates on my posts, a lot of them fall on Tuesday and Wednesday and that's because those are my days off and I spend most of those days sitting at my desk on the computer (like right now, for instance).

I'm going to try and rectify that and see if I can commit to the "at least once a day" mantra that I've set for myself. So stay tuned. There may be some good stuff coming.


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