Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Who knew Twitter could cause so much trouble?

If you've never heard of Every Time I Die, they're a hardcore/metal/southern rock band from Buffalo, New York. They're also pretty funny.

Over the summer they had a web series on called SHIT HAPPENS. It was basically a whole bunch of tour footage cut up into episodes and new one would run each week. I watched the first couple, thought they were kind of funny, but not enough to keep me coming back every week. But apparently lots of other people liked it and was successful enough that they were able to turn it into an entire DVD. It came out yesterday, but over the past couple of weeks, the band has been hyping it up via the Internet.

One of the things they did was to start making fake endorsements by celebrities on their Twitter account. They did quite a few and some of them were pretty funny.

for sure it will my man! RT @justinbieber: if I don't have pubes by oct 26th, I'm sure the ETID DVD will give me a whole mess of em, yo!
ok. Thanks? RT @peeweeherman: New ETID DVD in stores 10/26! I sure hope they play THAT in a dark, seedy theater!
Along with Justin Bieber and Pee Wee Herman, they RT'd a bunch of others like Sarah Palin, CNN, Roger Ebert, Puff Daddy, Andy Dick and Jimmy Fallon. They started off with President Obama and followed up with Oprah Winfrey assuming that most people would get the joke.

Unfortunately, some of the people the band fake-retweeted didn't think it was funny at all. A couple days after the initial rush of RT's, the band posted these on their Twitter page:
it took 7 days for seize and desist papers to show up. anyone know a good lawyer?
thanx for the support, glad so many people enjoyed our fake tweets but we can't comment further on the legal troubles its caused, stay posi!
The band wasn't talking, but everyone else on the internet began to speculate on who it was that would get up in arms enough to call their lawyer and file cease and desist papers over a mid-level band and their Twitter account. Fortunately no one had to speculate for very long, because within a few hours of the news, the band took to their account yet again.
We just spoke to our lawyer and though we can't comment on it, there's no law saying you can't tweet @kanyewest & tell him to fuck off
Of course it had to be him.

I loved College Dropout and Late Registration, didn't care for Graduation (though still bought it because of that contest he was having with 50 Cent, who I hate) and flat out disliked 808's & Heartbreak. Kind of lost interest in him around then and just started flat out ignoring him after the Taylor Swift thing. Didn't care about anything he was doing and just avoided all stories about him for the next little while. I wasn't railing against him and every time "Gold Digger" came up on shuffle, I still listened to it. I caught his Saturday Night Live performance and was pretty impressed and he almost had me back on his side. Then he did this and I was reminded how egotistical he is with absolutely no sense of humor. The fact that he becomes more of a douchebag every year and still has the majority of people eating out of his hand is beyond me.

Look, I'll always respect Kanye West because he rarely does the same thing twice and is always looking for ways to make his music stand out, but that doesn't mean I have to like him.

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