Tuesday, November 30, 2010


EDIT: Nope, down again. One of these times I'm going to figure out how to just rip the tracks from the YouTube videos and upload them myself. Then ABKCO will come after me for billions of dollars, because God knows Kieth Richards and Mick Jagger don't have quite enough money.

I think the Dangerous Minds blog is going to be my new favorite website.

Yesterday, they had a post in which they isolated every track from "Gimme Shelter", which is probably the second most popular Rolling Stones song behind "Satisfaction" and it's brilliant. Even though that song has been overused in just about every movie trailer of the past 20 years, it's still a great song and one of my favorites. To hear everything isolated the way like that is really something cool. I've always appreciated the subtle nuances of that song and to be able to hear it all piece by piece makes it even more impressive, I think.

The vocal track is probably the one that stands out the most, though.

The rest of the tracks are posted here and I suggest listening to them all. Even Charlie Watts' drum track is listenable on its own.

I get the feeling a lot of people were stoked on this, because they posted another one today. This time, it's The Beatles "Helter Skelter" and once again, the vocal track is probably the best one. Although, John Lennon playing bass with no subtlety whatsoever is also pretty cool to hear. I've embedded the vocal track below, but you can hear the rest of the tracks on the Dangerous Minds blog post.

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