Monday, November 29, 2010


Every time The Hold Steady has come through Salt Lake over the past two years, I've been out of town or working or just unable to go. It's been a real bummer. But they finally came through while I was here, in town and ready for them, albeit a little sick. They put on an amazing live show, too. No bells and whistles or light shows or anything like that, the band just played a solid, fun set for nearly an hour and a half (about 23 songs). It was in the small side of Bricks called Club Sound which was perfect for this show and The Hold Steady did not disappoint. Definitely worth the wait.

The first band of the night (can't remember what they were called) was some local group and they were absolutely terrible. I thought funk-rap died sometime in the mid-90s, but I guess I was wrong. The second band though, Company of Thieves, was downright fantastic. I'd never heard them before, or even heard OF them for that matter, but I loved every second of their set. The girl that sings for that band had so much energy that I couldn't take my eyes off the stage (didn't hurt that she was pretty easy on the eyes, either). Their stuff doesn't translate as well to the recording, but it's still good. One thing is for sure though, I will never, ever miss Company of Thieves live.

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  1. I saw them for the first time in Iowa City two weeks ago...never heard of them before but I have been unable to get their song "past the sleep" out of my head. They are on the way to a very successful future...thanks for the review.