Monday, November 1, 2010


I decided I need to get out of the house more.

Baseball season officially ended tonight, so no more games to watch. Basketball is just barely underway, but with the exception of the Jazz there's only a handful of games I actually want to watch. Football season is halfway over, but the games are only once a week and I'm fine with only watching the highlights.

Since the big three are out of the way, I can finally venture out. Only problem is that I really have no place to go. I don't drink, so bars are out of the question and I'm sick of Coffee Garden. So, my options are pretty low on the 'things to do' scale.

Which brings me to a halfway decent idea that I had a while back—the coffee shop tour!

These are things I like to do:

         1) People watch.
         2) Dick around on the internet.
         3) Write.

So I figure what better way to combine all three of them than by hitting as many different coffee shops around Salt Lake that I can and, since it's a halfway decent idea, writing halfway decent reviews about my experience? There isn't a better way, so consider it done.

First up, NOSTALGIA (248 E. 100 S.).

I've always liked this place. It's normally pretty quiet and there aren't a lot of people here. That's not the case tonight, though. There weren't any empty small tables, so I had to park myself on one of the bigger ones around the place, sharing my space with strangers. As far as making it less solitary, group tables are a good idea. It forces you into conversation, which is a good thing.

Unless you're me. Because I'm not a fan of small talk with strangers. I do it all day at work, and to be quite honest, I don't want to have to explain to you who Shipwreck A.D. is when you see it on my screen or hear your thoughts on whatever website I'm looking at.

Luckily, the two gentlemen that were on the table with me looked like they were in the same boat. Just kept their heads down the whole time and we did our thing.

I bought a cup of coffee, but didn't really feel like drinking it. I just didn't want to be 'that guy' at the coffee shop that uses the internet and doesn't buy anything. He brewed a fresh pot of coffee for me and everything, and the few sips I had were good, but I couldn't finish it.

Then the door opened and a group of about 12 started filing in. There was only one table left and it was a round one right behind me, that seated about 5 people, and that would be a little tight. Naturally, they all decided they'd cram around it.

I've never encountered a more disrespectful group of people in my life—and I've been hanging around straight edge kids that act out for no reason for half my life. All the chairs in Nostalgia are heavy, wooden chairs and the ground is concrete. Wooden chairs on concrete are incredibly loud and annoying and these people were dragging them from every corner of the room, blocking walkways and crowding the poor girl sitting at the small table next to where they posted up. She even asked them to give her a little space, so the guy moved but another guy promptly took his place. She ended up leaving shortly after. Right after that, since there weren't any more chairs, one stray decided he was going to use the long bench I was sitting on.

First, he sat on my jacket and then tried pulling the bench closer to the other table. He realized what he was doing and it looked like he felt like an asshole—as he rightfully should have.

Eventually, I got sick of listening to them and packed up to leave.

Overall, I like this place so I'll definitely be back. I'll just have to make sure I find a better spot. Away from college jackasses.

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