Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Alternative Press has become pretty much a joke of a magazine, and I think it's the only magazine I'm more disappointed in some of the cover stories than Rolling Stone, but occasionally they do awesome things. Some of their "An Oral History Of.." series (in which they recount the history of a great band or album by interviewing the people that were actually there) are really great but for the most part the entire magazine has become, in my opinion, filler. Rarely do they ever have anything on any band I care about so it usually takes me all of three minutes to skim all the way through it.

But yesterday, they had a great article on the impact of Minor Threat's first show thirty years later. Minor Threat has always been one of my favorite bands and while they may not have had the biggest influence on me, they still had an enormous effect on my life.

The article is pretty good too—especially this paragraph: “The problem began when a police officer tried to come in, but the person at the door told him he had to have $3 or a warrant,” says MacKaye. “So he went away and came back with more cops. “[They] apparently had a new riot squat they were eager to demonstrate.” But by then, Minor Threat had already started blowing listeners away. “I think the arrival of an entire riot squad barely registered for half the people there compared to what was happening on the stage,” says Alec MacKaye.

I would love for someone to try that line on cops at a show these days. I don't think anyone would have the balls to do that now. I know I wouldn't.

Anyway, check out the rest of the article over on AltPress.com. Hopefully this pushes them in the direction to do more articles like this.

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