Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Finally got around to the season finale of SONS OF ANARCHY. This is the first time I've been able to, more or less, watch it as it's been on. Season 1 I missed completely and Season 2 I missed a few episodes and had to catch up on DVD. But I kept up with this season because I figured something huge had to happen at some point.

And while it did happen and the last 15 minutes of Season 3 was some of the best the show has ever been, it took them FOREVER to get to it.

Look, I love the show and I'll stand by it each and every year, but it gets a little harder each time. The plot holes get bigger and bigger each episode and the fact that the writers know the audience is willing to suspend their disbelief in huge chunks is a little discouraging. Still, I couldn't help but be thrilled with the way things ended.

I'm going to spoil some stuff here, so if you haven't watched any of this season yet, skip the rest. These are my quick thoughts on everything from Season 3.

- Glad to see Opie (arguably my favorite character on the show next to Chibbs) win a couple rounds. As much as I hated that Stahl turned into more of a ridiculous cartoon villain over the last few episodes, I always liked that Opie was the only one she ever showed genuine fear around.

- I like Kozik and was bummed he never made it in. The fact that it was all over a dog that he and Tig shared or something was funny, but ultimately a let down.

- It took way too long to get to Ireland and they were there for far too long.

- The long con of the last episode was handled fantastically, but again, here's where a huge number of gaping plot holes come in. If you really think about it, the whole thing falls apart. That aside, I was thrilled that the club accomplished everything it tried and got everything they wanted and that Season 4 kind of starts with a clean slate.

- Does anyone else think that they're just giving up on the 'Tom Arnold killed Luann' and 'Zobelle is Still  Out There' plot threads? I'd say yes, but Adam Arkin (who played Zobelle) directed an episode of the show this year, so he's obviously still tight with Kurt Sutter. Maybe he makes a comeback next year.

- Next year, does Jax actually figure out that Clay and Gemma killed John Teller or do we just have to keep having it hinted at in the most heavy handed way possible? The whole show is a Hamlet riff through and through, so when are they going to split the kingdom and see what side of the line the members fall on? I imagine they're saving that for the last season they ever do, because it will make a fantastic series finale, but I'm hoping they get to that before the show starts going downhill.

- Are we going to see the club in jail at the beginning of next season or do we pick up just as they're getting out and having to readjust to the new makeshift charter that's taken over for them temporarily while Mayor Hale continues to be a thorn in their side?

- All that said, the finale made up for me feeling lukewarm on the entire season up until that final twenty minutes.

Looking forward to Season 4.

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