Monday, February 7, 2011


Passes for San Diego Comic Con went on sale Saturday morning while I was at work. They were all sold out by the time I got home.

Since 2003, I've only missed it a few times. Twice because I was on tour with Cherem and last year because I'd gone to Peru and couldn't afford to take more time off work. I was actually really looking forward to going this year because last time was a lot of fun. We stayed a little ways away (in Old Town) but we didn't exhaust ourselves on the convention floor and saved enough energy to actually go out at night.

Thing is, every year that we've gone, we've waited until March to buy passes and even then we still got a Four Day (with Preview Night) pass. This year, the passes with Preview Night sold out at the 2010 show and the two times they've tried to sell passes before last Saturday, the servers have crashed and they had to shut it down after about an hour of trying. So by the time I got home from work on Saturday and looked into it, all that was left was a day pass for Thursday.

San Diego Comic Con has long since given up on being a comics show and quickly turned into a launching pad for movies, TV shows, video games and other cultural events, but it's still fun.

I'm hoping I can get a Professional Pass through City Weekly (since I've covered the event every year I've gone anyway) or through the Salt Lake City Film Festival (not really sure why they'd let us do that, but they probably will).

If only so I can make another video like these. They're fun to do.



San Diego Comic Con from Grudge City Activities on Vimeo.

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