Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Another thing that's been taking up my free/Internet time is Tumblr. I started using this more because sometimes I just wanted to post pictures and didn't want to use this site for random, silly photos I found on the web.

If you've never seen Tumblr before you're kind of missing out, but not really. No one actually reads or writes anything on there. It's all just pictures—mostly of cats, tattooed girls, fashion bullshit and Internet meme's.

I started using it more because I quit going to Facebook. I quit going to Facebook because a lot of the posts started making me hate people I genuinely like in real life. Also, I'd get sidetracked and start lurking around and next thing I know it would be an hour and a half later and I'd just be pissed at myself for wasting all that time.

I'm not deleting my FB because as stupid as it sounds, I still need it to get to the SLCFF page and some people send me messages on there that they won't send via regular e-mail. So it's still there, I just never look at it.

Twitter, on the other hand, has been my new favorite thing lately. At first lots of people were just using it like their status updates which was boring as shit. I don't care that you're driving down the canyon and that it's a beautiful day. That doesn't interest me.

But then some people, most notably comedians and journalists, started figuring out how they wanted to use it and it got amazing. My best example is the Jerry Sloan resignation (it all comes back to Jerry Sloan and the Jazz). Before anything was official, like the press conference, Brian T. Smith, the Jazz beat writer for the Tribune was with the team and things were a little off. He started poking around, talking to people and found out Sloan and Johnson were quitting. He didn't have time to sit down and file a report, but he could send little updates from his phone and keep the rest of us in the loop.

I'm not saying that he's the first person that did that. Far from it. But that's when I figured out that was what I loved about Twitter. Once you figure out your 'Twitter Voice' and what you want to get from it, it becomes a great thing.

So that's my breakdown of all my social media networks that you didn't actually care to learn about.

But if you're interested, check out my Twitter and Tumblr. I know it's all in the sidebar over there, but sometimes you forget.

Tumblr - Important Things


Do it.

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  1. 1- I am almost positive I am one of those people you began to hate yet genuinely like in real life and...

    2-I like fashion bullshit so by what you said, I would love Tumblr.