Monday, April 4, 2011


Everyone's been all hyped on that Kanye West video, ALL OF THE LIGHTS and I'll admit, as much as I hate the guy, his music is still really, really good.

The problem I have is everyone saying that the video is brilliant and that West and director Hype Williams really took it to another level. The reality is (and I'm not the first one to point this out) that they both saw Gaspar Noe's ENTER THE VOID and decided to just take that idea and run with it.

While ENTER THE VOID itself is a whole different topic, the opening credit sequence has always impressed me. I saw the movie at Sundance last year and it just knocked me back. One second the lights were all on, the next it was pitch black and this is how it starts out. Just goes right into it. If no one has had seizures watching this movie in a theater I'll be surprised.

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