Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 SLCFF Podcast #1 by SLCFF

I have all the necessary equipment to record a little DIY podcast—mainly because I took most of it from Casey.

We had a podcast that we did probably once a month for my other blog Grudge City Activities, but like everything else on that site, we kind of just quit doing it.

Well now that we're getting closer to the Salt Lake City Film Festival, Justin, Miah and I decided that we should revive the idea and use it to talk about events that the Film Festival has going on. It's going to be a little irregular at first while we figure out how everything works, but hopefully we'll find a nice balance somewhere down the road and it'll turn in to something that people really enjoy.

The first episode was recorded last night, and we talk about this month's HEFFE'FILM'IN, in which we're showing KISS KISS, BANG BANG at Brewvies on Thursday and the FILM REELS AND FLYING SAUCERS art show this Friday. It's short and sweet for a podcast (about 15 minutes), but I think it turned out pretty enjoyable. You can listen to it embedded above or you can download it at the SLCFF Soundcloud page (or just clicking the little arrow pointing down on the right side of the player). Eventually we'll try to get iTunes involved, but for now, like everything else we've done for the festival, we're starting off DIY.

Enjoy it.

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