Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My man Dan Christofferson—you may remember him from such posts as Terrible. Gentle. Man., The Bees Knees, and Top 5 Anythings - 2010‚—has another can't miss art show this weekend that requires your attendance.

He's been killing it lately with all kinds of different formats and this weekend at Cathedral Tattoo (249 East 400 South, SLC, UT) will be no different.

Lately, his work has focused a lot on images and impressions that our state—and the west in general—is known for, twisting and interpreting them to resemble his feelings.

Hints have been dropping all over his Instagram/Twitter feed (@robotwithwings), which if you're not following, you should be. There is also a little preview of what's to come hanging in the Trolley Square Whole Foods.

But make sure you come out this Friday night for what's likely to be the last Gallery Stroll where we'll have good, tolerable, walking-around-outside weather for the next five or six months. There are bound to be a few other good galleries (like Blonde Grizzly's Monster Show), but this is one you shouldn't miss.

See you there?

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