Tuesday, October 18, 2011


No one watches baseball anymore. Everyone thinks it's too boring and wants no part of it.

Not me.

I still love game and it was one of my favorite parts of coming home from work after a long Sunday, when I could grab some food and watch a bit of the Sunday night game on TV.

And I really loved the last day of the season when there were four teams (two in the AL and two in the NL) fighting for that one playoff spot. I got to see Papelbon blow a lead that cost the Red Sox the season and watch Evan Longoria hit a ball that barely cleared the fence, sending the Rays to the playoffs.

The playoffs were pretty good and though I still have a tough time rooting for Texas-based teams, this summer has done a lot to sway me away from that.

First the Mavericks put on one of the most memorable runs I can remember and as much as I wanted to, I just couldn't bring myself to root against them.

Then, the Rangers just looked so damn good that they deserved every win they got (and hopefully get, since I don't much care for the Cardinals).

But one thing that stood out after the Rangers beat the Tigers in that last game—their on-field celebration. Every team that makes the World Series celebrates on the field, so that's no surprise, but still—the Rangers did it a little differently.

See that picture up top there? That's the Rangers dousing each other with Ginger Ale.

Not champagne.

I wrote about it last year, when they made the World Series for the first time in 50 years, but it's worth mentioning again. The on-field celebration with Ginger Ale has become their new thing as a way to include recovering addict, and one of the Rangers' most important assets, Josh Hamilton and their number 1 pitcher, C.J. Wilson, who is Straight Edge.

They still do the champagne and beer in the clubhouse later, with Hamilton and Wilson hanging out elsewhere, but it's awesome that the Rangers found a way—and cared enough—to make such a seemingly insignificant change to postseason tradition mean so much.

And I have to ask again—how am I supposed to hate Texas when they do stuff like that?

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