Monday, January 9, 2012


I've written about these fellas before—because they are all gentlemen, scholars, fine tattooers and also good friends of mine.

It's good to see them getting a little press here and there and they've just finished an interview with Gavin Sheehan—himself a fine gentleman that I've worked with a time or two before—for his City Weekly blog called Gavin's Underground.

You should all read it.

Gavin's Underground -- Eleventh St. Electric Gallery came to an end back in 2010, a lot of the patrons of the shop were curious what would become of their favorite tattoo location. The business essentially split in two, one-half continuing on as Yellow Rose Tattoo (whom we'll try to chat with down the road), while artists Tyler Densley, CJ Fishburn and Jake Miller formed a new place under the name Cathedral Tattoo. They took up shop along 400 South across from the Main Library and a major Trax station, welcoming all former clients as well as new downtown walk-in traffic, becoming one of the fastest-growing tattoo shops in years.

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