Monday, March 12, 2012


I put this blog on pause back in January with the idea that I'd "re-launch" by the beginning of February. Well, February came and went and nothing ever happened.

The plan was to get a new banner, a new logo and clean up the layout a little bit. I had a lot of things planned for this year and I just wanted to kind of get off to a fresh start. Only, the problem is that I'm not a designer, nor am I very web-savvy so I had to outsource to get a new banner/design. And since the person I reached out to has a full time job, a family and I wasn't paying for anything, I couldn't really ask them to drop everything and do that for me. So I just kept waiting and hoping that I'd get home from work one day and have an awesome e-mail waiting for me and I could get back to it.

But now it's March 12 and I decided I should just start and the changes will trickle out as they come.

Also, I've been writing a bunch of posts in my spare time and just saving them as drafts—stockpiling for the new beginning. Problem with that is that a few of them became outdated and worthless and I had to scrap them. Just a few though, and I was able to fill in the spots with other things.

So here it is. The new-but-not-quite-new This first week is dedicated (almost) solely to movies, next week will probably be comics, then I'll start rolling out the new features like weekly columns and videos and maybe a podcast. Not quite sure about the last one, but we'll see. That one might even become a weekly "Countdown to Casey aka The Big Dogg's Out Of Control Wedding" podcast where he just tells us all the crazy things he has planned one week and then the next week tells us how that all fell apart shortly after setting it in motion. That would entertain us all the way to September.


Welcome back. I'm sure you've missed me as much as I've missed you.

First post of a "bold, new direction" is right below and it's everything you never knew you wanted to know.

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