Thursday, March 22, 2012


Back in the heyday of Grudge City Activities, Casey and I decided that we wanted to start a podcast. We had no real radio skills or equipment to do such a thing, but that's the beauty of podcasts—any idiot with a microphone and an internet connection can do one. We had both of those things, so we did.

We recruited Dan Fletcher to do it with us and soon after he moved away to NYC (where he still is) we brought in our buddy Sias aka Cuatro to take his place. We got a solid years worth of podcasts done before we all kind of got bored or busy. The GCA website slowed down a bunch after that too, so there wasn't much reason for us to keep on keeping on.

We still had all the equipment and Casey and I talked about starting another one up, but just never got around to it. I broke everything out for a SLCFF podcast around this time last year, but even that was short lived.

Then, somewhere around Thanksgiving of 2011, Richard (who had done one episode of the GCAcast with us) and Casey decided they were going to start a new one. They added me on as a "producer"and recruited Fernando for the first episode. My role was basically to set everything up, edit the thing and "check facts" as they spouted off ridiculous things one after another. My only stipulation for that was that Casey had to be in charge of the website and finding a place to host them. If I was going to do all the work of editing them, the least he could do was make sure people heard them.

He agreed and we recorded the first one the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I had it edited within a week and sent it off to Casey.

About a month and half later, they wanted to record another one. I asked what happened to the first one and Casey told me he wanted to get a few in the can before he posted them so we could keep a regular schedule. Once we had a couple of them done, we'd start posting every couple of weeks. I edited that one together and had it done around the beginning of February.

Two weeks ago I posted the first one on my Soundcloud page. Yesterday I took it down and posted the second one.

Casey's been planning his wedding recently (well, he's been planning it in his head for 10-15 years, but now he actually has the proper requirements like a fiance) and that's taken up most of his time. Also, (and mostly) he just doesn't want to do it. He's compulsive and comes up with awesome ideas, but has very little followthrough. So I stepped up, created a bullshit Tumblr page for it and started posting them.

I doubt we'll ever get to an Episode 3, but the first two are available right now. Go check them out and give them a listen.

We came up with the simplest name possible: Bad Ass Dudes Talking About Bad Ass Stuff


Episode 2 - Stream or Download -

Bad Ass Dudes Talking About Bad Ass Stuff Website

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