Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have a thing for notebooks.

I buy them, find them, get them as gifts and start writing in them. The plan is usually to use one for one thing and another for a different thing, but soon after I start, I forget which is which and just grab whichever one I feel like carrying that day.

The best part about having all these random, half-filled notebooks? That I still have them all.

I have the spiral notebook with a sacred heart on it that I bought from Hot Topic when I was 19 where I recap a trip I took to Portland where all of my vegan friends decided we were on "road trip rules" and could eat anything they wanted. A few pages later I write about having seen Converge for the first time and how in awe I was. Thing is, I was still a little in awe the last time I saw Converge in 2009, too. Some things don't change.

There's the red U of U notebook that has a partial outline/notes and reading parts from the first screenplay I wrote back in 2005 and a first person narrative story that I never finished.

I have four different notebooks with GCA podcast notes, SLCFF suggestions, movie review slug lines and Comic Con notes.

There's the notebook in which I used to outline every issue of the second half of Red Pulse back when I was the editor.

A little black one with a "Sharks Are Scarier Than Terrorism" sticker on the front has pages and pages of different line breaks and the formations of the poems I wrote back in 2007. Those were later typed up neatly for my poetry class and I think I still have the critiques I got from my classmates that were too scared to leave their names.

All of them rest on the top shelf of the bookcase right behind my desk, that way, every once in a while I can grab a random notebook and see what I was thinking at any given time over the past 13 years.

I can't bear to part with them. For damn good reason, too.

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  1. SO rad you have all of those. ive only managed to keep track of half of mine, at best. i guarantee that poetry one you have from 2007 is the one you used for the poetry class we had together. ill own up to my critique. i remember thinking your poem was radass.