Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Coach Sloan turns 70 today.

He's one of the greatest NBA coaches of all time and if Deron Williams hadn't been such a cry-baby and Greg Miller cared as much about running an NBA team as he does about car dealerships, prompt lunch meetings and Internet-bullying, he might still be around today.

But he's not. Coach Corbin (who I respect and think is doing a great job with a deeply flawed roster) took his place, but it's still strange to see him roaming the sidelines instead of the old guy with the silver hair and penchant for calling referees a "cocksucker".

When Sloan retired, I had these shirts printed up in his honor and I've still got a few of them left, so what better way to celebrate than by wearing a shirt of the man that made the Utah Jazz a relevant basketball program for so many years.

Long Live Sloan.

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