Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm already in trouble.

I promised myself I'd do something on this blog each and every day. I wanted to keep up with a week's worth of movie related posts (which were already written) to kick things off again, but Wednesday was the day I needed to fill in and I'd planned on using it to start back up my Half-Assed Review column with whatever I saw this week.

Then one thing led to another and I ended up not having the day off as I'd planned. So instead of this being a Half-Assed Review of JOHN CARTER, it's going to be a 1/4-Assed Review because it's late and I'm tired.

I really liked this movie. It was big, epic, fantastic and Bryan Cranston was in it for about six minutes.

The thing that I think hurt it the most was John Carter. I didn't really care about his arc, though I'm glad at the end it was called by its actual name, JOHN CARTER OF MARS.

But what I really wanted, but didn't know until about halfway through the movie, was that I wanted it to be called A PRINCESS OF MARS and I wanted Deja Thoris to be the focus of the movie. She was awesome. She threw herself so into the role that no matter what crazy scene was happening on a green screen behind her, she killed it the entire time. Lynn Collins (who was the best part of season 1 of TRUE BLOOD, which I just finished) was the best part of this movie.

Taylor Kitsch, on the other hand... He was just okay. He's not the best actor in the world, didn't go for it with the gusto that Collins did and I still just see Tim Riggins every time he's in anything. I think he'll be okay in the long run, but he's got a few hurdles to get over before I stop seeing good old 33 whenever I see him.

Andrew Stanton showed that he's as good of a director of live action as he is of animation and it makes me admire him even more. He's got a bright future in this game.

JOHN CARTER was a fun movie and I hope there's more like it. I also hope Collins gets that PRINCESS OF MARS movie, because I'll be there opening night.

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