Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My friends have been on a Land Rover kick lately, buying up old ones for the winter while their motorcycles hibernate until the days it's nice enough to haul them out (which has been kind of a lot this "winter").

Brook's has a tape deck in it, so he asked if I had any old cassettes sitting around that he could borrow. Of course I did, because for some reason I can't seem to get rid of shit like that. Though they were all sitting in parents basement, that way I could still have them but not actually have to deal with them. Sorry Mom and Dad.

Anyway, I went up there a few weeks ago and grabbed the box that I could find. I know there's another one somewhere up there, because it's the box that has the original Rhythm and Rhymes (a story for another day) recordings. I just didn't have time to look for it.

I did find these gems though. There's a nice mixture of all the ones I made in high school when I'd take my Walkman to school, run the headphones up the back of my shirt and sit with my long hair over my ears to conceal the earbuds. That way I could listen to "The FAT Mix" (FAT WRECK CHORDS bands), Nirvana, Pearl Jam and AFI while we learned about geography. There are also the ones I made right after I got into buying records (none of which I have anymore) and actually wanted to listen to them without owning a record player. Luckily my parents had a humungous stereo with a turntable and dual cassette deck that made things a lot easier.

I used to be great at making mix tapes. I still am, but they lose a lot of their luster when they're done digitally. But since tapes are making a comeback (like all things that died for a reason), maybe I'll get back in to it. I've still got a closet full of CD's and stereo with a working tape player somewhere.

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