Thursday, April 5, 2012


I know very, very little about fashion and I know absolutely nothing about makeup. Neither of those things speak to me the way they do to others and it usually sounds like someone mumbling gibberish in a foreign language when I overhear a conversation about it.

What I do know a bit about is passion. I love when someone has a passion for something and puts all their heart and soul into it. I may not be able to relate to the exact thing they're referring to, but I love that they get so into it. It makes me happy.

That's how my friend Stephanie feels about both makeup and fashion. She has a passion for it that is almost unparalleled.  We met when I started working at Happy Sumo back in 2006 and we immediately hit it off talking about movies, comic books and other stuff. What mostly struck me was her knowledge of comics, though. As silly as it sounds, when a girl knows about comics, reads them and can actually carry on a conversation about them, they immediately become one of my favorite people.  Stephanie is no exception. She uprooted her life in Salt Lake City last year and moved away to Arizona and sounds like she's doing okay for herself.

Before she left, when she was working the MAC counter at Nordstrom, she started a blog. It took her a little while to figure out what she wanted to do with it, but once she did, it turned into a fantastic mix of tutorials, tips and everything else you could want from a fashion blog.

She also knows a thing or two about baking and is an excellent photographer which make her blog a lot of fun to search through even if you're not all about her primary influence. And I won't lie, it doesn't hurt that she's pretty easy on the eyes, either.

So, ladies, do yourself a favor and head over to her blog, Bloom in Saturation, and pick up a few tips from a professional. And gentlemen, just head over and look around. Maybe you'll find a gift for your GF's birthday or you might even learn a few things about your wardrobe from a female perspective.

Just don't ask me for her phone number. Not gonna happen.

B L O O M  IN  S A T U R A T I O N

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  1. WHAAAAAAAT? How did I not know you posted this? I love you? ha ha. Thanks friend. I hope life in SLC is wonderful!