Monday, April 2, 2012


My mom used to know a guy that kept a lion as a pet. He lived up in the Midway/Heber/Park City area and he used to put it in the back of his pick-up truck and take it with him to the grocery store. I would have loved to see that.

He also had a huge farm with lots of hired hands helping him maintain it. Then something happened, he went crazy, started killing the workers and burying them on his land. I think he's still in prison. I can't remember his name or what happened to the lion. I watched a 20/20 special about him that my uncle had taped (VHS style), but I don't remember the details.

That's what I think about when I see these photos.

But this isn't him or his family. It's someone else that kept a lion as a pet, which would be amazing but completely and utterly stressful.

The rest of the photoset is here.

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