Friday, February 15, 2013


We took this trip in May of 2010. I still have a ton of video footage from it that I haven't done anything with. Originally, Casey came up with the idea—somewhat of an outlandish one, as is his M.O.—that we'd make a reality show out of our trip. We'd then sell that to someone at a network and then they'd pay for us to take more trips and go on more adventures. An awesome idea, but highly unlikely. I had a crappy video camera that I was taking and Casey went out and bought a really nice one to take along.

I didn't think we actually had a shot at a show, but it was going to be fun to try. Casey asked me why I was filming some static backgrounds at one point and I told him it was for cover footage—the footage that you add in transitions and during credits and the like. I'd get a few seconds here and there of the mountains or the streets to add in later.

As we were walking through the streets one day, I heard Brook say "What the fuck are you doing?" and Casey responded, "Cover footage!"

I looked over and he was bent over filming water running through the gutter. And he kept filming. There's about a minute of footage of water running through a gutter. You can't tell where it is. It might as well have been in my front yard. Brook and I looked at each other, laughed and kept walking. The next day, Casey was getting more cover footage, only this time he was filming through the open front door of a someone's home while they watched TV. He was filming the family watching TV. Surprisingly, they thought that was weird and shut the door on him.

When we got home, I uploaded all the footage on my parents computer because my laptop didn't have enough space. It's still there.

I keep telling myself that I'll get to it eventually, but who knows. My plan was to get a new desktop computer, install Final Cut Pro and teach myself to use it by practicing on the Peru footage.

To tide us over, I put together this trailer. It's still the only thing that I've done with it.

I haven't gotten a new desktop yet, though. Maybe one day. I need a job first. Blogging at doesn't pay too many bills.

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