Monday, February 4, 2013

TOP 5 ANYTHINGS - 2012 - PT. 1

This is a little video project that I started a few years ago for GCA. I had my video camera and thought it would be kind of fun to just have everyone tell me what their 5 most favorite moments from the past year were. It could be anything. If you wanted to tell me the five best meals you had, that was on the table.

It was fun to do, so I did it again the next year. I forgot last year and just kind of assumed that no one cared or missed it. Then, around June, people started asking why I hadn't done one for 2011, so it sparked my interest again.

So I brought it back!

Most of January was spent gathering people that wanted to be on camera (and by camera I mean my phone) and then making sure I had a nice variety.

Part one is my go-to guy, the fail safe and always reliable Casey aka The Big Dogg. He's one of the guys that always gave me shit for falling off with the Top 5's, so I made sure he was one of the first to get his ready.

The other half of the video is a pretty girl named Erin that I didn't know (in real life, anyway) before last summer-ish, but she was game to be immortalized forever on Trevor Hale dot com, so she's definitely one of my new favorite people.

And with those rousing introductions, here's the first video. I've got 4 more, so check back throughout the week for the rest.

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