Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TOP 5 ANYTHINGS - 2012 - PT. 2

Things keep on rolling over here with part two of my Top 5 videos.

Two total newcomers to the game this year (I guess with the exception of Casey and Gardner, they're all newcomers) and I'm thrilled they wanted to take part.

Up first is my lovely friend Elsha. She's a hand talker, which was pretty adorable. Also, my friend Chris came by between writing articles and doing interviews for the Tribune and was probably the most prepared of anyone. I teamed them up because my cat decided that she needed to be in the video with both of them because she's an attention whore to company.

So here it is! Part two of the Top 5 Anythings with Elsha, Chris and a special appearance by Harley Quinn.

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