Thursday, February 7, 2013

TOP 5 ANYTHINGS - 2012 - PT. 4

We're on the home stretch with just two more to go.

That is, unless there's anyone else dying to make a Top 5 video. I'll keep doing these as long as I have people that want to participate, so don't hesitate to bring it up. We'll do it.

Today's video is two of my closest friends, Brandee and Gardner.

Brandee and I have know each other for well over a decade now and she's basically the Elaine to my Jerry—just without the dating background. She told me she'd do this, but then kept trying to avoid it until I trapped her one night and all but forced her to do it. She loved every second of it, though.

Gardner was the first person that ever signed up for these things, so by default he's required to be a part of it each and every year. But I love having him because he always has something fun to talk about and these things usually involve the two of us getting together for lunch, which is always great.

So there you have it. The fourth of five videos is ready to go. Check back tomorrow to see yours truly divulge my own Top 5 Anythings from last year.

Until then...

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