Tuesday, March 5, 2013


There are a ton of social media sites out there. I'm on pretty much all of them, but I really only use two or three.

I have a thing about not wanting anyone else to have the username trevorhale, so whenever I hear about a new social media site I sign up immediately—even if I don't ever plan on using it. Maybe that's a dick move, but I've got a brand to protect here!

Two that I use on a regular basis are Instagram and Twitter. I like both of these far more than Facebook—mainly because I don't have to deal with bullshit, long-winded political discussions that go nowhere and repeat themselves every few days.

I still log on to Facebook every other day or so, but usually it's to repurpose a joke that I don't think got enough attention on Twitter and to accept friend requests from people that I'm probably never going to talk to in real life.

But anyway. You've got both of these things, right? Let's be Internet friends.

@trevorhale on both Instagram and Twitter.

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