Friday, April 19, 2013


Remember when I started making all kinds of noise about doing more with this site? Me too.

See, that was when I was living the high life of being unemployed, going to the gym, watching DEADWOOD and FRIENDS all day, all while planning how to become Internet-famous.

Then I remembered that I had bills to pay, so I had to get a job. So I did.

Now I work for a company called Local Results. I'm doing SEO copywriting at the moment, trying to make websites for karate dojo's, taxi services and construction companies in the deep south sound more interesting.

During my downtime, they've had me write a few blog posts for them, too. I wrote this one about the best April Fool's Day jokes that I found on the Internet (no really, that's what I did one day), and then since that one was so awesome they had me write another one.

This one is a contest. There's three of us on the content team, and they decided that we'd all write a blog post and after a month, whoever wrote the post with the most unique page views will win.

So I wrote this post about how creating a website/blog is a little bit like making a mixtape. And we all know how much I love mixtapes, right?

Here's a link to the post. You should read it and share it with your friends and co-workers. I'm pretty sure this is a little bit of a test to see how far each of our personal reach is, and I kind of really want to win.

So help me out. Go read this piece for me.

Your Website As Your Personal Mixtape

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