Friday, May 31, 2013


Kickstarter. I love it as much as I hate it.

It's great for projects that deserve it, like the Robocop statue, or Greg Rucka's (who I haven't liked since he was a dick about Spidey making fun of Wonder Woman at Comic Con like 10 years ago, but still) Lady Sabre online comic. There are tons of others out there, too.

There are also a lot of projects on Kickstarter that shouldn't be. Like Shoshana from GIRLS (and daughter of the legendary David Mamet) asking for $32,000 to make a music video. Or like Zach Braff asking for millions of dollars to make a movie he could easily get traditional funding for (and eventually did anyway). Or Eisley asking for $100k to tour the US, UK and Australia - a tour that they're going to do do anyway and get paid handsomely for.

That's the kind of thing that's going to ruin Kickstarter for everyone that actually needs it for a cool project. Kickstarter wasn't intended to be used because everyone in your band had a kid or you want some ridiculous camera filter, gorgeous clothes and a fancy loft and don't think you should have to pay for those things yourself.

But since those projects actually exist and people are donating money to them, I'm going to go ahead and start my own Kickstarter campaign.

I would like $500,000 to quit my job and do awesome things all the time.

As a reward, I'll Tweet, Instagram and blog all the time. If you donate contribute more than $100 to this campaign, I'll use some of that money to take you to lunch. I'm thinking Cafe Rio or Noodles & Company, though. I can't be spending the money you donated contributed to me on you. I need it for other adventures.

This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. See those pictures below? That's the kind of fun your generous donation contribution will allow me to have on a much more regular basis.

And since my happiness is in all of our best interests, I expect the donations contributions to start flowing in immediately.

Thank you.

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