Tuesday, May 7, 2013


You know what gives the NBA a huge edge over MLB and the NFL, to an extent?

The NBA likes fun. They've embraced social media—especially YouTube.

Baseball is really boring to watch, but occasionally something fantastic happens. Whenever someone makes a great catch, hits a monster home run, charges the mound, the benches clear or something else like that, it makes for a great highlight. If someone puts in on YouTube? MLB gets it taken down in a matter of minutes. They want everyone to get highlights from sites they own and run, that way they control what's appropriate and what isn't. It's stupid.

The NFL is the same way.

The NBA though? They'll let pretty much anything live on YouTube. Even the Artest Melee is still there, for god's sake. The biggest black eye the league has suffered in a long time is available for you to watch on YouTube. That's one of the things I like best about the NBA.

That and they get talented people to make awesome commercials for them. Like this one—even though I hate the sight of Steve Nash in a Laker jersey.

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