Friday, July 5, 2013


A few months ago, I sat down with the dudes from Insight to talk to them about a reunion show they were playing. We talked mostly about hardcore, reunions and stuff like that and a lot of the best stuff made its way in to the article I wrote about them.

As the interview was winding down and we had covered all the questions I'd planned, we continued talking. Mostly it was just bullshitting about one thing or another and basically me listening in as they reminisced about old tours. I didn't think we'd be talking about anything worthwhile, so I turned off the recorder.

That was a stupid thing to do.

I've never had any formal journalism training, so I continue to sort of make it up and learn as I go, so I'm still not sure what the proper protocol is when you're done asking 'official' questions but still talking. I figured I'd be out of there in a matter of minutes. Well, we talked for about 15 more minutes because I asked Jeremy about one of his other long-dead projects, Handsome.

Jeremy told me he was working on obtaining the rights to the one record they put out so he could find someone to reissue it on vinyl, but was having a hard time getting through to anyone at Sony.

Looks like he made it work, because last week 6131 records announced that they're releasing it this September.

Even though I have no use for vinyl, this is still pretty cool and I'll probably pick one up. I love this band.

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